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The Need

Burundi has been through the fires of civil war, AIDS and poverty for too long. 300,000 people lost their lives in the civil war ending in 2005. At less than $400.00/year per capita income, Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world. In the midst of such great need and unrest, children pay the steepest price. What can we do, so far from these needs? What can you do?

Sometimes the greatest needs are the seeds for great opportunities. Imagine an economy where the average income is less that $400.00 per year. Now, think about the US - the average income for a US citizen (with some college) is about $31,000.00. If you lived in Burundi, you might be one of those average folks getting along on $400.00 per year. Imagine how much $140.00 could change your life. Actually, that is how much is costs provide food, clothing, medical care, school fees and even some recreational activities to a child for an entire year who, otherwise, would not have any of these. This is the opportunity. For a small amount of money to us, who are blessed to live in such a wealthy country, you can change a child’s life.

Our Mission

Burundi Orphan Relief was founded in 2005 to address the desperate needs of orphans and at-risk children - the innocent victims who bear the brunt of civil strife, AIDS and poverty. Burundi Orphan Relief works through Maranatha Mission Church in Bujumbura (and surrounding areas), to care for abandoned children, and children who lost their mother or father and the surviving parent cannot care for them. Through the support provided by Burundi Orphan Relief, these children have a chance at a life they would not have dreamed. Let me introduce you to a couple of our success stories…

Burundi Orphan Relief Changes Lives

There is hope. Even a child who lost her father and and whose mother had no job can realize her dream to become self-sufficient. She can grow up to make a safe and secure family for her child. Deborah, who came to BOR as an orphan in 2005, is now a self-sufficient worker and mother. She can take care of her baby and her husband. She can enjoy life. Deborah’s baby can grow up much more secure and look forward to a better life no-one thought possible. Read full story...

The Heart Behind BOR

What drives them to make
a difference?

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