Lipo Tumaini : There is hope

Impacting the life of orphans and at-risk children in Burundi

Deborah Constance

There is hope. Even a child who lost her father and and whose mother had no job can realize her dream to become self-sufficient. She can grow up to make a safe and secure family for her child. Deborah was the only girl in her family. The middle child in a family of 3, Deborah was 11 years old when her father, Musafiri, took ill and died. Deborah’s mother, Nyabenda Constance now had 3 children under her responsibility without any job or income generating activity. Nyabenda Constance was not able to cover schools fees for all her 3 children. In many African countries, boys are the first choice to receive whatever money is available for education. Deborah had no hope to continue school. As a young teenager, Deborah sang in the church choir. Her mother was not able to fulfill basic family needs like clothing, food and school fees. Deborah stood out among the other young girls by her very simple clothing.

Deborah was registered in the first roster of children supported by the BOR in 2005. Deborah received support for school fees, school materiel and regular support for food, clothing and medical fees. With BOR support, Deborah was able to continue school and finish primary school. Deborah continued with secondary school with BOR support and earned her first level diploma of business in 2014.

After getting her first level secondary school diploma of Business, Debora went to South Africa Republic. She applied for a job and successfully passed the recruitment test and interviews. She was recruited as seller in the Take and Go Market, one of the big business centers of Johannesburg in addition; she has found a husband in the South Africa republic. She recently gave birth to her first child.

Deborah is now a self-sufficient worker and mother. She can take care of her baby and her husband. She can enjoy life. Deborah’s baby can grow up much more secure and look forward to a better life no-one thought possible. BOR is giving hope to children like Deborah orphans in Burundi by supporting them with basic need and helping them to attend school.